What is your biggest challenge in your business or your career?

Are you a business leader or owner? With the continued changes happening in our nation and around the world, what is your biggest concern?

Many in business are afraid to take steps forward now with so much about the future unknown. What is the worse that can happen if you take some steps to grow or stengthen your firm or your career?

Risks are part of business and our career. These are times to research and turn to credibe resources. It takes courage to take such risks. Consider the value of a good executive coach.


Sunday, August 2, 2015


Many aspects of businesses have improved, which has encouraged some companies to acquire or merge with others.  However, that has not been true for all.  Most business leaders have heard of the importance of being strategic, though many haven't heeded that advice.  There is still time to make 2015 a good year for your business.  It's a matter of creating and implementing a "strategic plan or process".

  1. First review the full process of your business, making each step a point of examination.  The first might be to examine your services/products and determine if there are any aspects that need to be improved.  (Correcting the service, part, or product so each is performing at its best.)
  2. Then go to the next area to review, which could be your sales department.  Is the lead sales manager using an effective process in maximizing the sales team's efforts?  Is the sales team performing at their best?  Is the sales manager inspiring or motivating the team?  Are they selecting appropriate targets?
  3. Have you surveyed your customers about the sales approach and/or the customer service?  Do the customers feel they are being treated professionally and effectively?  Do customers feel that they are "being heard"?  In other words, are the sales staff responding to the "real need"?
  4. If you manufacture a product, is the product one of good quality and safe, delivering what is promised?  Have you inspected your "operations" to confirm it meets the highest standards?
  5. Within each area of your business, there should be one Point Person/key dependable employee to examine all aspects carefully and have one or two others to double-check, be of support and/or research alternatives, etc.
  6. Though some areas/departments may be in top shape, there are bound to be some areas needing improvement or total review or changes.  In this case, a detailed plan should be drafted with specific dates to complete each stage.
  7. A deadline should be determined (that is reasonable), when you/employer should receive a complete report, after which you would "walk through" your company and confirm all are performing and producing its best.
A Strategic Forum of your department heads and their assistants could be a good way to kick off this comprehensive review.  In order for your employees to deliver their best, it is important that you/the employer "clearly define your expectations".  The more detailed you are about this, the better the outcome.  The better the outcome, the better chance that your company will excel and be successful.  This process would be wise to implement once a year, using an outside facilitator for the annual Strategic Forum.  The facilitator is one who partners with the employer to help the company leaders be more focused and conscious about their purposes.  In turn, your business will become a strategic and successful entity.

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