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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Having lived in Charlotte since 1980, I find it amazing how Charlotte has changed.  Though I thought Charlotte was already a big city, having moved from Roanoke, VA, I couldn't imagine how much Charlotte could yet grow.

Some areas of Charlotte seemed behind, as Roanoke already had a beltway in the 1970's, and Charlotte still continues I-485's completion.  I also noticed that in 1980, Charlotte didn't have a bus system for the entire metro, though many people were moving to the outskirts.  People from the northeast and other places where there were train systems to get across town for work, were voicing their disappointment that Charlotte didn't offer this option.

Though Charlotte may be slow to develop in some areas, there are still other positive activities and growth attracting more and more people to the Charlotte Metro.  Our "Energy Sector" is gaining more attention and diverse energy venues, which is a good thing.

Charlotte had been known for her "manufacturing industries", which many of these firms moved away for a while or closed, but now more are returning.  There is a wide range and variety of manufacturers in our region.

Technology, the medical/health industry, construction firms, as well as financial firms are also still strong in our area.  In addition, we have to note the continued growth of the communication industry, and we can't forget how the sports industry plays a huge part in Charlotte and all of the Carolinas: Panthers, Hornets, NASCAR, Knights, Checkers, etc.

Whatever industry is your specialty, just look around and see what others have done to help Charlotte to grow, and this should open your eyes as what you and your organization might be able to do to make a contribution to the Charlotte Metro.  Every year Charlotte becomes the new home for hundreds of individuals and families.  Therefore, new jobs are needed, as well as homes, shopping facilities, health care, schools, and a host of other shops and entities.

As said earlier, there are ongoing needs for our Charlotteans.  What can your organization do to address needs of our citizens while also making this area a pleasant and safe place to live.   

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